Fürstenrieder Str. 90, 80686 München


We run a modern certified eye practice with the newest diagnostic equipment and cooperate with renowned outpatient surgical centers and clinics (please refer to „services“ for more detailed information).

The eye examination is carried out with the help of highly technical, computer supported instruments and is absolutely painless.

For some examinations it may be necessary to dilate the pupil using medication. Since this has an adverse effect on vision, one can’t drive for a few hours afterwards.

All medical instruments are supported by computers and connected with each other. This reduces the work load considerably so that we have much more time for you and your eyes.

All data can only be accessed by authorised personnel. Our entire team is subject to secrecy and, of course, we strictly observe all policies on data protection and privacy.

Our team is highly motivated and is always striving to even exceed our patients‘ expectations.

We are looking forward to seeing you!