Fürstenrieder Str. 90, 80686 München


After many years at the University of Munich Eye Clinic (Ludwig Maximilian University), Dr. Christoph Schmid specialised in refractive eye surgery and concentrated on laser treatment of sight defects, e.g. short-sightedness, farsightedness and cornea distortion.

Following his university career, Dr. Schmid worked several years as the director of two German clinics for refractive eye surgery. He carried out an enormous number of laser operations on the eye and taught many eye doctors how to work with the excimer laser both in Germany and in foreign countries.

With many lectures at national and international conferences, he informed eye doctors of the value of excimer lasers in his specialised field and convinced them of the effectiveness of this new method of treatment. In a number of TV and radio lectures, Dr. Schmid informed the public about the possibilities made available by the excimer laser and this revolutionary surgical method.

Dr. Christoph Schmid is recommended as skilful laser eye surgeon by the Commission on Refractive Surgery („Kommission Refraktive Chirurgie” or „KRC“), the Professional Association of German Eye Doctors („Berufsverband der Augenärzte Deutschlands” or „BVA“) and the German Ophthalmological Society („Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft” or „DOG“).

In addition, as an experienced trainer for the Commission on Refractive Surgery (KRC) who is responsible for laser safety, he teaches laser surgery to eye doctors.

He underwent a refractive eye surgery himself. Ever since he does not need glasses and enjoys impeccable vision.